General Shlomo Shamir was born in Russia and had worked as an artist and electrician before becoming a professional soldier.

As a twenty-eight year old lieutenant he, unbeknownst to the British, was the commanding officer of all Haganah personnel in the Jewish brigade.

In the War of Independence, Shamir was put in charge of the 7th Brigade. He and Mickey Marcus, a former colonel in the American Army, led the 7th in building ³the Burma Road² through the mountains and lifting the seige of Jerusalem. He also led the ill-fated attacks on the Arab encampment at Latrun. Later, General Shamir would also serve as Commander of the Israel Air Force and Admiral of its Navy.

Shamir now lives in Tel Aviv, and is writing a book about his war experiences, including a defense of his leadership at the battle of Latrun.

"The picture of seeing the remnants go through the border, collecting in these camps, treating them, dealing them, the lists of names published that each one looks for his own name, maybe he'll find his family there. This is a picture that doesn't leave you in your lifetime."


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