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4 Vengeance

(above) Sent to the Border at Tarvisio. The Jewish Brigade was assigned to control war refugees streaming into Italy from the east--including many Jewish survivors of the Holocaust.


"Well, the feeling of anger came gradually. It didn't come all at once. It came to the culmination when we heard of the extermination camps, what the Germans actually did. And then it turned not into an anger, but into fury. And everybody began to feel that we owe the Germans something."

After the war ended, the Jewish Brigade was stationed on the Italian-Austrian border, but many individual soldiers went AWOL.

They fanned out across Europe looking for their own families. Mostly, they found no one. That experience -- and going into the camps for the first time -- turned their anger against the Germans into fury.

Seeking their own special kind of justice, secret vengeance units formed within the Brigade. Systematically these squads began to identify, interrogate and assassinate Nazi officers in hiding. They killed many, although no records were kept and their work never had official approval.

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