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5 Contact with Jewish Survivors

(left) Brigadier General Israel Tal (Ret.), Jewish Brigade veteran, Belgium, 1946. The arm patch of the Brigade soldier became a symbol of hope to all the Jewish survivors who saw it.

(right) A Jewish family during the Bricha, or flight out of Central Europe, 1946. The Brigade helped move many of these people.


"We cried! We screamed! We jumped! We kissed one another! Can you imagine, from the ghettos and the fires? To see Jewish soldiers?"

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Vengeance soon gave way to saving. Brigade soldiers did everything possible -- legal and illegal -- to find, transport and care for Jewish refugees.

What began as a small ad hoc effort soon became a major clandestine operation throughout Europe. The ultimate destination for those the Brigade aided? Palestine.

The first contact between Holocaust survivors and the men of the Jewish Brigade was truly remarkable: "seeing the Magen David on our arm patches was as if they saw the Messiah."

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