Praise for In our Own Hands


"Two thumbs up!"
Siskel & Ebert

"IN OUR OWN HANDS contains remarkable testimony and great is occasionally chilling and altogether a revelation."

New York Newsday

"It may be the most exciting story to come out of the last years of the Holocaust and World War II."

Chicago Jewish News

"As someone who portrayed a fictional Jewish Brigade officer in the movie Exodus, I am delighted to learn that the real and dramatic story of the Brigade is now at last being told in full."

Paul Newman

"I wanted you to know how impressed I was with the video on the Jewish Brigade in World War II...Congratulations on a great idea and first-rate presentation. It's a story that has to be told."

Hal Bruno
Political Coverage, ABC News

"You have caught an episode in world Jewish history at the last possible moment, and you have given us all a precious gift."

Arnold Jacob Wolf
K.A.M.-Isaiah Israel Congregation, Chicago

"[The documentary] was made with the right spirit and tells the story of the Jewish Brigade perfectly. The interviews with Zarro and Bartov [especially] expressed the soul and cause of the Brigade."

Shimon Behar
Israel War Veterans Leauge

"You and your team have indeed captured the essence of the Jewish Brigade. A million and a half Jews served in the Allied Forces during World War II; the only ones who fought under their own Jewish flag was the Brigade. It was not a tremendous fighting force. But as time passes one appreciates even more the psychological value, particularly to the survivors of the Holocaust. This was when the world was for the Jews a planet without a visa -- in one part of which they could no longer stay, and to another part they could not go."

Netanel Lorch
Military Historian

  "Without these soldiers and officers is it doubtful we could have built the Israeli Defense Forces in such a short period and such a stormy hour [to fight and win our War of Independence]."

David Ben-Gurion
first Prime Minister
State of Israel

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