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Ms. Hake has been with Chuck Olin Associates since 1992. As editor, her credits include IS JERUSALEM BURNING? Myth, Memory and the Battle of Latrun, Olin Associates' most recent documentary film; Parade, a dramatic short film by Chicago writer/actress Susan Nussbaum; and The Smek Files, a dramatic short film about the dangers of addiction, featuring cave-man puppets and directed by "Sesame Street" cast member David Rudman.

In addition to her dramatic and documentary work, Ms. Hake has produced, written, and edited a number of corporate and commercial projects for Olin Associates, including films for the University of Chicago, Lucent Technologies, and the City of Hope Cancer Center.

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Ms. Hake is also vice-president and business manager for Chuck Olin Associates. A graduate of Columbia College, she lives in Chicago.


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